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X-Mas special: Choose any pup for $600.

Thanks for viewing our site. We have 3 male pups out of the "MAX" and "CHINA" breeding of 7/23/03 that are ready to go. The pick of the litter male (SOLID WHITE) is now for sale $600.00. He is 16 weeks and 47lbs. The other two pups, "Rocky" is 45lbs and "Nitro" is 43lbs. Yes all of them are going to be 100lb pits!!!

We have CHOCOLATE LAND OF THE GIANT PUPS!!! JURRASSIC’S "JADA" (79lbs) pups born on 9/16/03. Jada at 15 months is the daugther of Meathead (115 lbs) which is 100% Land of the Giant, who’s sire is Giant’s "Gold Coin" and dam is Giants "Royal Queen". (GO TO HER PAGE FOR MORE PEDGREE INFO). She was bred to Iron Tank 105lbs at 15 months and is the grandson of MAD MAX 108lbs. Tank's sire is Jurrassic's "KILMO" 115lbs, MAX'S son and Tank's dam is Blaney's "Beyonca" which is FULL OF EDDINGTON'S WEIGHT PULLING DOGS!! Dogs like 5X-A/A WNNA BE A WHOPPER, MATILDASURKAN, 3X-IM A DANDY, 2X-KICKASS KICKER EDGAR'S A/A IKAN PULLMORE, AND A HOST OF OTHER LARGE DOGS. These pups are 3/4 LAND OF THE GIANT and showing their size already. DONT WAIT!!!

JURRASSIC'S "RAGE" at 71lbs. Her pups were born on 9/17/03. Rage is a Dorr breed dog on the bottom half and Mad Max is on the top half. She has pups at 7 months, 67 and 65lbs. They are females(e-mail me for pictures) This time she too was bred to Iron Tank at 105lbs at 15 months. The pedigree again on these pups are another one of our signature breedings that will produce a firey pup with the size and the conformation that LARGE PITBULL TERRIERS should have. REMEMBER...QUALITY IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT!!! WE SPECIALIZE IN BIG BULL DOGS WITH BIG HEARTS.

Jada x Tank pups

China x Max pups

Rage x Tank pups

Jurrassic Kennels 2K3