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Rage x Tank

JURRASSIC'S "RAGE" AT 71 lbs. Her pups were born on 9/17/03. "Rage" is a Dorr breed dog on the bottom half and "Mad Max" is on the top half. She has pups at 7 months, 67 and 65lbs and they are females. (e-mail me for pictures) This time she too was bred to Iron Tank @ 105lbs at 15 months. "RAGE" IS OFF A LINE OF BIG DOGS THAT ARE ACE OF ACE'S THESE DOG GO BACK TO DOGS LIKE, NEWMAN'S/BETTE'S/FREEMAN'S/BARRETT'S, AND HUNTER'S, ALL OF WHICH HAD A/A. THE DOG MEN JUST NAMED HAD GREAT WORKING DOGS, I AM TRYING TO DO THE SAME. SOME PEPOLE JUST WANT A BIG DOG NOT KNOWING ANYTHING ABOUT THE PEDIGREE. YOU DON'T GET THAT HERE. YOU SHOULD KNOW AND CARE WHERE YOUR DOG CAME FROM.HERE YOU HAVE 3X-BETTES'S A/A BIGHEAD,2X-NEWMAN'S A/A RED PETRAI, 3X-A/A RED GOLIATH, 2X-FREEMAN'S ACE TEXAS INJUN, 2X-BARRET'S A/A KATO, A/A ERIC, AND 2X-HUNTER'S ACE ANGEL BABY. The pedigree again on these pups are another one of our signature breedings that will produce a firey pup with the size and the conformation that LARGE PITBULL TERRIERS should have. REMEMBER...QUALITY IS NEVER AN ACCIDENT!!! WE SPECIALIZE IN BIG BULL DOGS WITH BIG HEARTS. "RAGE" is also for sale see the for sale page.

RAGEFrey's Tank


Jurrassic Kennels 2K3