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Weight: 85lbs
Height: 23 in

"Maxine" 7 GEN pedigree is OLD SCHOOL. Mostly Dorr dogs, they come from old Carver dogs and are also the same Dorr dog that gave you LAND OF THE GIANTS (GIANT'S DIESEL), Dorr's "Spaceman", and Dorr's "Athena" both are in her pedigree. Some of the Dorr dog are Dorr's "Coco Puff", "Butkus", "Scarlet Angel", "Kojak", "Spaceman", "Athena", and Dorr's "Kayo". Also Dogs like Carver's Orphan Annie II, Toro, Mask Rider, Gringo, dogs like Walling's Bullyson, Davis's CH Boomering(2x), Lloyd's CH Gator, Clayton's Eli Jr, Freeman's Preacher Boy, O'Quinn's Golden Nugget/Leaf, Fiorilla's Bully Boy, Phaneuf's Bear dog/Bad Tempa, to name a few. There is also Watchdog's Bully Haze, Zulu, Big Thor, Moon Shadow, and Going Jesse, along with Couturier's Blue Bully, Blue Max's II, Blu Liberty, to name a few. Just in case you miss it there were a lot of BIG DOGS I just named and this will be a BIG PUP 90lbs and over!!! We are asking $1500.00 for her pups and taking a deposit of $500.00 to hold pups. Contact me at 313-330-5826 or 313 537-9011 and thanks for your interest, Everett.

Jurrassic Kennels 2K3