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Jada x Tank

JURRASSIC’S "JADA" (79lbs) pups born on 9/16/03. Jada at 15 months is the daugther of Meathead (115 lbs) which is 100% Land of the Giant, who’s sire is Giant’s "Gold Coin" and Dam is Giant's "Royal Queen". (GO TO HER PAGE FOR MORE PEDGREE INFO). She was breed to Iron Tank 105lbs at 15 months and is the grandson of "MAD MAX" 108 lbs. Tank's sire is Jurrassic's "KILMO" 115lbs, MAX'S son and Tank's dam is Blaney's "Beyonca" which is FULL OF EDDINGTON'S WEIGHT PULLING DOGS!! Dogs like 5X-A/A WNNA BE A WHOPPER, "MATILDASURKAN", 3X-IM A DANDY, 2X-KICKASS KICKER EDGAR'S A/A IKAN PULLMORE, AND A HOST OF OTHER LARGE DOGS. These pups are 3/4 LAND OF THE GIANT and showing their size already. DONT WAIT!!!



"KONG" and "CHOCOLATE THUNDER" at 5 weeks are already finishing pushing 10lbs. Both have huge heads, large bone structure and a cold bulldog look to them. They should both be over 100lbs!!!

"RUFUS" is very active and is putting on the weight and "AMANDA" is tall with a very nice head. She is very attractive.

"JIGGS" is sold and if she takes after her grandmother, ahe will be hot and 93lbs. "RAIDER" has put on some weight since a pup. He will be the one that might outgrow them all!!

Email me for better pictures!!

Jurrassic Kennels 2K3