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Weight: 97 lbs

He is the son of "Max" & "Tara" (Bonnie). His bloodline holds 37 champions. Dogs like, CH Honeybunch, 2x's Finley's Bo, 2x's Stubblefield's CH Buddy, Giroux' CH Gunner, Wood's Snooty & Miss Pool Hall Red, Ch Jeep, CH Otis, their sister Rena, and Davis' CH Boomerang. Not to mention a host of other great dogs like, Walling's Bullyson 2x's, Carver's Orphan Annie, Ironhead, Amber Red Girl, Black Girl, and many more. Never before have you seen a breeding with this many champions with the SIZE of this caliber. Chaos is a solid dog with great athletic ability.

Jurrassic Kennels 2K3