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Weight: 77 lbs
Height: 23 in
Color: White Markings/Red nose

SHE IS NO LONGER ON MY YARD, but she is the mother to Jurrassic's "Rage". If you like old school, well this is it. She is a Dorr dog, which is straight out of the Carver and Boudreaux line. Dog's like Carver's "Stompanato", "Orphan Annie II", "Mask Rider", & "Toro". Walling's "Bullyson", Clayton "Eli Jr.", Art's "Missy", Curt's CH "Cowboy", add a little Freeman's "Preacher Boy", O'Quinn's "Golden Nugget", Thibodeaux "Black Gal", and Dorr's "Coco Puff", are just a few names in her pedigree.

Jurrassic Kennels 2K3